Belle of the Ball Project

Receiving a Dress

Students qualify for a dress if:

They appear in person and attest that they are currently having financial difficulties. They also qualify if they have been referred by School Social Worker, Guidance Counselor, Principal, Community Involvement Personnel, Guardian ad litem, Foster Care or other non-profit organization or agency.

The teen MUST be present to receive a dress, no exceptions. Please do not request an appointment or special exception. We do NOT make appointments. The only opportunity to receive a dress is to attend one of our shopping days.

There is no geographic restriction. All in need high school girls are welcome regardless of their county or location.

No phone calls, emails, appointments, or referral letters are necessary if the teen meets any of the above qualifications. She must only arrive on one of the designated shopping days and shop our boutique to receive a dress.

A $1 to $5 donation is appreciated but not mandatory for each dress received.  Every dollar donated to Belle of the Ball goes directly back to serving our girls.

Please respect our mission statement. We are an organization which serves HIGH SCHOOL girls only.  Please do not request dresses for middle school dances, graduations, weddings, fashions shows, or any other dance or event not a high school homecoming or prom.

We support our military!! If a girl needs a dress for a military event and meets any of the above requirements she is welcome to shop at our boutique. She must only attend one of our predetermined shopping days, no special appointments will be made.

If you have any further questions regarding a teen receiving a dress please give us a call.

1-877-77BELLE (1-877-772-3553)