Our Founder and CEO, Susan Schwartz (L), and our CMO, Jessica Papa (R), working hard at our old Seminole Mall location.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders volunteered with us and were AMAZING personal shoppers! Thank you!

Spring 2011

Susan Schwartz (L) with William Thomas (second from left) and other Administrators of South County Career Center Ruskin FL

Hi! My name is Izabella Saitta and I just wanted to send you a picture of me in my gorgeous homecoming dress I got from the September 6th (2014) distribution. Thank you so much, your program really helped me. It's my senior year, and I know I wouldn't have been able to go if it wasn't for your program! Please give my thanks to all the volunteers!! You guys rock! :)

Dear Belle of the Ball Project Employees, 

Thank you for being so very generous in a reasonable and outstanding and remarkable way.  I’ve never seen a place that cares so much about young women embracing their youth through beauty, generosity and courage.  This is a day I will never forget because of you guys, I can look like, feel like, and present myself as a princess in my December Job Corps winter formal.  You guys are evoking dreams, elegance and confidence, and sewing blessings into our lives and into your own by being so caring.  I absolutely love dresses and shopping.  I remember a time when I had my first dance and my dad didn’t get me a dress, or care to make sure I had one, not to mention I didn’t even have a date and I remember that night clearly because I remember crying in the shower over it and shortly getting a phone call from my mother saying she got me a dress and shoes from a thrift store, and although it was not my dream dress I appreciated her warm heart and the fact that my mother cared like you guys do about young women, all of every nationality to embrace their youth, their beauty and their confidence because we are only young once.  Even though I’m not going to have a date again, I feel special knowing at least I will finally have my very own dream dress that I am able to choose on my own that says who I am!  Young girls all over the world suffer from lack of self love and confidence and are the leading cases of individuals who experience life changing trauma and daily battles of insecurities and it shouldn’t be that way. So thank you employees at Belle of the Ball Project for making my dream dress come true.  You will never be forgotten just as WE are not forgotten. Every Young Woman Should Feel Like A Princess. 
Sincerely, Brittany  
This (note) is the best that I can do for now until I make it big as a dentist. You’re showing young ladies across that planet that it’s okay to be beautiful – it really is

Mrs. Schwartz & Mr. Marteski,
We would like to thank you for an absolutely wonderful experience. Our students were overjoyed from beginning to end. The selection of dresses, shoes, jewelry and purses was overwhelming. The happiness you created for these young ladies will leave a lasting impression.

On behalf of the students, faculty, staff and administration, we send a gracious and sincere thank you for all you've done to help us make this a successful prom!

P.S. We look forward to establishing a continuing relationship between our school and your organization. And the pictures will be forthcoming!

William D. Thomas
Technology Resource Support
South County Career Center


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The beautiful recipient of the abc actions news Oscar watch party dress! Donated by Georgettes Boutique!

Belle of the Ball Project